Greece: Pure Beauty

Greece is a stunningly beautiful country. It had been on the destination list for quite some time, and when we found out Scott needed to be in London for work in early May, we did some quick thinking on where we could go that was a quick flight away. Morocco struck us first, but after discovering it was Ramadan there, we opted for Greece. And it did not disappoint!

We spent just over two glorious weeks trekking around the country. We started off in Athens to see the ruins (this had been a lifelong dream of mine)…then jetted off to Milos. When I plan trips, I always like to go deep in one country and juxtapose experiences as much as possible. Milos appealed, because it felt relatively undiscovered from my research… and it was. We literally felt like we had the island to ourselves. This was probably the highlight of the trip for me, because it’s this insanely beautiful island with different sights at every beach cove. We rented a 4×4 jeep and just EXPLORED…it brought me back to our Happy Diwali/New Zealand days. We then ferried over to Santorini (because you can’t go to Greece and not go there…) and while it was stunning and incredible, instagram and cruise ships have kind of ruined it. I wish I had been able to go 10 years ago (Milos will probably be like this 10 years from now, to be honest). We then couldn’t resist the urge to party like Lindsay Lohan in Mykonos…and honestly, we had the best time! I had low expectations, but Mykonos had a shocking amount of charm and while the partying was fun, it was no Ibiza 😉 We ended with my last juxtaposition move by taking a local train up to see Meteora (another relatively untouched place in Greece save for day tour buses that flock in from Athens) and this was another favorite of mine. The food was completely different (we went from seafood to hearty beef/lamb dishes) and the towns of Kastraki/Kalambaka were utterly charming. The monasteries of Meteora were incredible, as was the rich religious history of the region.

Below are a sampling of my favorite photos that I felt best represented our experiences – they don’t cover it all, but they provide a good tapestry to sample from. Greece is an incredibly magical and special place – and will always hold a very special place in my heart!

I recommend clicking on the first image and viewing on a large screen in the lighbox gallery. Enjoy!

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