Happy Six Years, Scott~

Marriage isn’t easy, and time is a strange concept that both feels short and infinitely long all at the same time.

Not one to let a year go by without celebration, I planned an epic weekend getaway to celebrate *us.* I’m trying to play more with photography as a documentation exercise and to hone my skills. All of the images below are untouched in terms of post-processing, and are a few favorites from our little journey this weekend.

The red barn/vineyard photos are from our newest wine club commitment, Trattore. They offer an incredible guest house for their members for a reasonable price where you stay right on the active vineyard.

The African safari animals are from a place called Safari West – a really cool conservation covering 400 acres of land in the heart of Sonoma. They managed to barely escape the fires that ravaged this area so brutally last fall – one shot of the giraffes looking into the distance capture just how close they came to devastation.

The last set are from a winery called The Donum Estate – they have an incredible collection of sculptures that drew me to their vineyard…we tasted a multitude of pinot noirs while overlooking “The Mikaido Tree.” One of the most unique (and…expensive) vineyard tastings I’ve ever experienced.

To my dearest Scott – happy six years. Here’s to another six…and another six after that. We might be getting too far along to drink as many bottles as years married to celebrate, but I think we came close this weekend!


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  1. Thirty five years ago you were born Kenna and you made me the happiest Father alive. You have grown to be an intelligent, beautiful and caring person. Six years ago you married Scott, the love of your life and a wonderful partnership that was started years before was formalized. You and Scott compliment each other so well and your adventure in California has been nothing short of breathtaking. I know I have had told you this before but of all the things I have had a hand in I am proudest to be able to say that I am your Dad and you my Daughter. My one hope for the two of you is that your wonderful adventure continues to progress and that your love for each other grows stronger for the rest of your lives. The two of you are an inspiration for us all.❤️

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