Breathing in the Wind

Today was this unusually windy and gusty day. When you live in a place where the weather is a pretty constant, temperate, “mild and sunny” twenty degrees year-round, you really take notice of things like this. On my way home on my bike this evening, I decided to take the scenic route down by the beach. I was literally taken away by the beauty tonight – the tempestuous wind had created the most beautiful rivets in the sand and the slightest marine layer had wandered it’s way inland, creating this eerie and ethereal haze, through which the sun was setting.

I had to stop and admire it. Now, this is something really rare for me – I’m normally so on the go, so caught up in my tasks and demands and requirements, that it’s rare that I a) leave work before it’s pitch black out (even in the summer) and b) take a moment to be present in my surroundings. I got off my bike, found a spot on the sand, and just sat.

And I sat and admired. I just breathed and appreciated. I slowed down, for once.

I was somehow moved to write S+K in a heart in the sand. And not 10 minutes later, the gushing wind had almost washed my creation of love away.

And I got to thinking – this was a message of something; for me, it was a message that love takes work. You can write your intention the sand, but it will disappear if you don’t re-trace it. It will disappear faster when the elements are more difficult – rain and wind will wipe it away faster than the mildness of a quiet, calm, sunny day. It was a sign for me that love isn’t easy and it doesn’t just stick – you need to work to re-define it more deeply and more frequently when things are tough….because that’s when it will disappear the quickest.

So today I want to thank the wind. I want to thank it for shouting so loud that I needed to stop and listen to the important things and for making me breathe and take it all in.

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